This is what happens when you take your 3-year-old shopping:

Family conversation on the way to dinner last night…

Ron (to Me): Hey, you have your wallet in the car, right?

Me: I think so, but let me check, why?

Ron: Because I don’t have mine. I’m not actually even sure where it is.

A, without skipping a beat: That’s OK, Dad. We just bought you a new one. It even has a clip for your money and place to put your cards. And it’s brown and it is in a box. Mommy and I went shopping at the mall, and we got it for you for Jesus’ birthday. You can use that one.

Ron: Bahahahaha! Do you hear him?

Thanks, A! I guess we’ll need to have a discussion about when it’s OK to keep secrets.



We are so looking forward to Christmas with the boys this year. N. is mesmerized by the lights, songs, and sights that come with preparing our hearts and homes for the celebration of our Savior’s birth, and A. is just so vibrant with anticipation and excitement. Here are some of the events they have enjoyed so far:

Model Train Display at the Botanical Gardens

Strolling through the Light displays at Atlanta Botanical Gardens with Aunt Erin and Nana

He decorated his special tree all by himself!

First experience at the Anderson Christmas Parade…they also saw the parade downtown Greenville the night before. Both boys were officially amused by the marching bands.

Little Reindeer hanging out on a quiet Saturday morning

A. surprised Nana at the AFUMC Christmas Music Program. What a treat for all!

Look who we found at the zoo.

Children’s Choir Christmas Program at BUMC

And, Froot Loop is back and up to all kinds of shenanigans.

This post makes me tired, and we still have a week to go before all of our family celebrations of the birth of Jesus. We are looking forward to establishing some Wilson family traditions on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning as a family of 4!

Well, I did it.  I dropped my most precious blessings off this morning in the K2 room and nursery at local church dayschool.  And, so far, I’m OK with it (it’s only been an hour).  I decided to give us a few days to adjust, so N is staying 5 hours today, a little longer tomorrow, and maybe 6 hours on Friday before I go back to work full-time on Monday.  A is an old pro and super excited to have the big brother job of checking on his baby.

They are armed with plenty of inchbug-labeled Mommy milk, extra bibs, burp cloths, three extra changes of clothes, his infant carrier, and a paci (in case he randomly decides he wants to take it).  They know he has reflux and occasional blood streaks in his stools.  Both of these issues have been significantly better since he switched from Zantac to Prevacid.  They know he sometimes screams to go to sleep and does not usually respond well to rocking and bouncing when this happens. They know he loves to stretch out and be talked to when he is not sleeping, and he tries to sing when others sing to him.  They learned in 15 minutes what it has taken me three months to learn about my precious N. So, I suppose I have a right to worry about him just a little.

But, since he was greeted by three sets of warm, nurturing arms and seven baby playmates, and he was all sorts of content with smiles at drop-off time, I’m going to try to accomplish some goals today during his 5-hour stay.  Tomorrow is a Mommy/A play-day so N will go for part of the day again, and Friday I plan to leave N a little longer before the full-time work stuff starts Monday.

Here are my goals for the day in no particular order…and I may just extend the completion deadline for some of these through Friday afternoon to make this day as stress-free as possible:


Eat an uninterrupted lunch with my hubby.

Remember to pump.

Put away the four loads of clean laundry.

Organize the wrapping supplies that have been in the corner of the office since Christmas.

Find a gray tank to go under a sweet new top I treated myself to from a cute shop downtown that I plan to wear on my hot date Saturday night :).

Pick up two happy boys from above-mentioned daycare.

Watch the Heels beat Duke at home with my blessed little family.

So, here I go!



Life with N in his first 13 weeks has involved a lot of screaming and heartbreak.  Our sweet baby has battled reflux and digestive issues including some blood and mucous in his stools.  The dairy-free diet is working out OK, but I made up my mind that if the doctors recommended eliminating soy or any of the other top allergens, we were just going to have to make the switch to a hypo-allergenic formula.

He spent a lot of time like this...

...and this

over the past couple months of his short life.  We are very pleased with the information we received at his pediatric gastroenterologist appointment last Monday.  At just under three months, he weighed 12 lbs. 15 oz. and was 24 inches long.  The doctors are not super-concerned about his stools as long as the amount of blood does not increase.  They said I could try eliminating soy if we could tell a positive difference in his fussiness level with avoidance.  They recommended continuing to breastfeed as long as I can if the diet isn’t too much on me, and they even said we could reintroduce dairy in a few months to see what happens.  They switched him from Zantac and Prevacid which seems to be making a difference.  He also started an antibiotic for his first ear infection (yes – already).  The crying at night is decreasing in intensity and length, and our little guy continues to sleep a consistent 9-10 hours at night which makes it easier on all of us.

He has been held upright for most of his first few months except while sleeping, so he is not yet rolling.  He is full of smiles, coos, and giggles, and even coos in a song-like fashion when others sing to him.  He is imitating mouth movements and facial expressions and reaches for and grips various objects and toys.  I’ll have to admit I have enjoyed the third month much more than the first two, and I feel like it will only get more exciting with more happy times as we get to make more memories with sweet N.

He is a much happier boy at 3 months old!

The weather this January has been much different than last year. Although there has been a lot of rain, there have been an equal number of days to enjoy some fresh air and warmer than average weather.

Check out last January.

And, this was yesterday afternoon:

A perfect day for a little soccer (and baseball, and football, and golf, and bocce ball).


Vitamin D makes me happy :).

I’m sure we’ll get our share of winter, but for now we’re soaking up the sun.

Those of you who know me well know I love to GO! If I have a chance to go somewhere for a weekend or visit people, I take it.  For some reason, when I am away from home, I am able to relax and enjoy my family more.  I guess it’s because when I am at home, I always feel a need to be doing something: laundry, dishes, projects, cleaning, and there is always something that needs to be done.

So, when Mom asked if I wanted to take the boys to Winston-Salem to for N. to meet my sweet Great Aunt Jan, I said sure.  The trip up was somewhat eventful – the NC State Troopers had no pity for a young Mom with two babies asleep in the back seat and Nana on the passenger side, so my lead foot cost me another $220.  Then, we got the call from the ATL that ‘it was time’ for Lauren’s ‘best pup ever’ (a.k.a. Jackson) to take his final breaths after a bout with doggie lymphoma.  So it was a trip of tears and trials, but we made some people in NC very happy and squeezed in some basketball and football viewing, even though our teams didn’t fare well.

A.'s version of 'The Tebow'

N. must be at least the 8th baby to be bathed in Aunt Jan's sink, but I'm sure there were more babies in there I don't know about.

Since we weren’t quite ready for the fun and traveling to end, the boys and I drove South past our home and hung out with Nana and Papa for another couple days.  Aunt Lauren and Aunt Erin were both off for MLK Day (one of the perks for all of us working in public education), so we spent some time puzzling, playing Wheel of Fortune on Wii, and remembering the Jackson pup.  We also got to spend some time playing with friends Madden and Cameron at one of those germ-infested blow-up big toy indoor playgrounds.

Kid-sized treadmill...if only I had his enthusiasm! A. and M. were too quick for me to capture a pic of them together. We'll try again next time.

C. and N. having 'infant playtime' at ages 4 months and 10 weeks.

Traveling in both directions was well worth it, and I’m glad I could enjoy the time with family and spontaneity before I go back to work in a few weeks.

We just celebrated a second month with Little N. The first month was rather difficult – I’m not going to lie.  We suffered through colic, reflux, and just a generally seemingly painful, unhappy baby time.  After 6 1/2 weeks of thinking he was just a fussy baby and everything would work itself out, I finally decided he was miserable, and things were not normal.  He started Zantac at 7 weeks, and I am now on a strict, dairy-free diet.  Within 48 hours of making these changes, his temperament drastically improved.  I take back anything I ever said about food sensitivities in breastmilk and fussy babies – I guess you just don’t know until you live it.

Digestive issues aside, N. is a happy, growing, and active two-month old.  He weighed in at 11 lbs., 9 oz. (29th %ile), only 4 oz. less than his big brother, and he is 23 1/2 inches long (68th %ile), a half inch longer than A.  He made it through his first shots with 10 minutes of excessive screaming and extra cuddling from Mommy and then slept most of the rest of the day.  I am enjoying getting to know our precious baby boy #2 and am trying not to count down the time we have until I go back to work (4 1/2 more weeks).  He is now smiling, cooing, tracking well and making good eye contact with us, and he kicks his little, skinny legs constantly.  And, drum roll please, he sleeps 8 hours at night and has been doing so since 5 weeks!  That leaves us more energy to chase around Little A. who is now almost three – yikes!

I was pleased to see that I have at least one picture of every week of his life, so far :).